Paul Sabatini

Principal Investigator

Molecular biologist when required. Aspiring neuroscientist. On a lifelong search for the perfect cup of coffee. 

João Alfredo B. Pedroso 

Research Associate

I am a nutritionist interested in studying how the central nervous system control metabolism. I also have experience in sports nutrition and muscle metabolism. In my free time, I like to read books and practice exercises.

Pierce Katz 

Undergraduate Research Assistant 

I am a Third year (U3) undergraduate Pharmacology student pursuing a minor in Biotechnology at McGill. I am Passionate about ionic homeostasis in brain conditioning and have experience across fields including Metabolism, Type 1 diabetes, and Immunology.

Lu Ting  Gui

Graduate Student

My project aims to further understand hypothalamic-based circuits regulating energy balance

Ceci Hermosilla Samayoa

Graduate Student

I am a trained bioinformatician studying brainstem-based neurons and neurocircuits controlling appetite.