Paul Sabatini

Principal Investigator

Molecular biologist when required. Aspiring neuroscientist. On a lifelong search for the perfect cup of coffee. 

João Alfredo B. Pedroso 

Research Associate

I am a nutritionist interested in studying how the central nervous system control metabolism. I also have experience in sports nutrition and muscle metabolism. In my free time, I like to read books and practice exercises.

Pierce Katz 

Graduate Stutdent 

I am a first year MSc student. I am Passionate about ionic homeostasis in brain conditioning and have experience across fields including Metabolism, Type 1 diabetes, and Immunology.

Lu Ting  Gui

Graduate Student

My project aims to further understand hypothalamic-based circuits regulating energy balance

Ceci Hes

Graduate Student

I am a trained bioinformatician studying brainstem-based neurons and neurocircuits controlling appetite. 

Delina Efrem

Undergraduate Research Assistant 

I am an undergraduate student from Toronto studying Biochemistry and Biotechnology at McGill. Im excited to learn about the implications of different metabolic disorders and the biochemical processes behind them, as well as how the brain plays a role in energy balance and expenditure.